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At Clegg Industries, Inc. we pride ourselves on the ability to cater to whatever our client’s needs are. Our SCIFs are custom made with you in mind. Take a look below at some of our previous SCIFs we’ve made for inspiration.

About the Process

We understand you have deadlines to meet and missions to accomplish. That’s why we want to make the SCIF creation process as clear as possible. Here’s what happens when you buy a SCIF through Clegg Industries, Inc.:

1) You request a quote through the website or over the phone.

2) We provide you with a custom quote for your project.

3) We enter into an agreement on price, timing, etc.

4) Your SCIF is built. If you would like to be involved in supervising the process, we’d be happy to accomodate you.

5) Your SCIF is shipped. Whether domestic or international, we will get your SCIF to you.

top secret sensitive compartmented information
secure compartmented information
sensitive compartmented information
sensitive compartmented information

Recent Projects

Job #510: Eglin Air Force Base – Mobile Test Trailer

Clegg Industries customized this 53 foot quad slide room trailer for Eglin Air Force Base.

Project Features
  • Length 53′, Height 13′ 6″
  • Hydraulic leveling system
  • Four slide outs with high quality manual crank mechanisms
  • 12 computer work stations
  • Surface mounted electrical system
  • Clegg custom manufactured motorized adjustable large work table
  • EMI / RF shielded construction with multiple layers of specialty foil
  • EMI / RF power filters installed with electrical system
  • Secured and Unsecured data cabling installed throughout trailer 
  • Custom EMI / RF fabric installed around slide out areas
  • Maxon Cargo Lift Gate
  • Exterior security camera and PA system
  • Telescoping antenna mast
  • Dual 5 ton HAVC systems
  • Clegg custom aluminum staircases and landing system
  • Extensive, large under body storage system
  • And much more

Job #532Custom Mobile SCIF Trailer

Custom manufactured SCIF features the following:

Project Features
  • 10′ x 50′ x 94.5″ custom steel welded enclosure
  • Eight ISO blocks embedded in structure to match trailer
  • Flat roof accommodates antennae mounting
  • 36″ x 80″ standard steel exterior door into vestibule area
  • STC50/RF SCIF Door, with CDX10 and cypher/day lock 36” x 80”
  • Sound deadening insulation
  • RF and acoustical testing with report for ICD/ICS-705.
  • One layer 5/8” sheet rock, one layer 5/8” plywood, per ICD 705
  • Carpeted walls
  • 3/4″ plywood subfloor with rubber coin floor material
  • VersaTie track on floor and walls
  • White Kemply ceiling covering
  • HVAC environmental units, heat and cool, with honeycomb filters
  • Insulated ductwork
  • Partition wall with 36” sliding pocket door
  • 150A RF power isolation & filtering system
  • Secure / unsecure aluminum wire trays
  • Data filters for secure data (CFC)
  • Vestibule electrical panel for incoming power
  • Electrical panels in computing room for filtered power
  • Dual quadplex 110V 20A receptacles in operator area (x 14)
  • Exterior GFCI receptacles, 8 utilizing exterior conduit unfiltered power
  • Mounting area in computer room for (6) 42U electronic racks with attachment points for coil type shock isolation on top and bottom
  • GSA safe mount
  • Aluminum folding & locking workstations in operator and computing room
  • IDS system
  • LED lighting, red, white, blue
  • Refrigerator
  • Welded steel side mounting points for multiple antennas
  • Locking pneumatic mast on rear wall and between AC units
  • Ladder for access to roof on rear wall
  • Roof harness cable system for fall protection
  • Built for future air transport capability by military aircraft C-17, C-5
  • Security alarm
  • Fire extinguisher mounts in vestibule, computing room, and work area
  • Compliant to ICD/ICS-705 Technical Specifications for Construction and Management of Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities VERSION 1.5
  • SCIF grounding solution kit to meet ICD-705
  • Alarm compliant to ICD-705
  • Two penetration panels at computer room for communication wires
  • Shielding or specific connectors (SMA, BNC, etc.) in place for the antenna pass-through
  • Tables 20″ deep by 49″ wide, locking in both deployed and stowed (down) positions, lining both sides of the SCIF (Qty 15)
  • Wiring for UPS and filtered and surge suppression supplied power at 14 stations
  •  Network connections Qty. 8 CAT 7 (per station)
  • Office chairs (Qty 15)
  • Intercom interface mount (Qty 14) 
  • Radio interface mounts for remote controls (Qty 3) 
  • Articulating display monitor mounts located at each workstation
  • RF filtered connections from exterior
  • Ethernet filtered connectors
  • Mounting area for UPSs
  • Locking glass pocket door
  • Cell phone storage
  • Custom manufactured Trailer features the following:
  • 63′ drop deck, gooseneck, full width trailer
  • Top deck length: 10 ft.
  • Bottom deck length: 53 ft.
  • Width: 102″
  • Two main beams
  • Inner beam flange: steel½” x 5″ top flange and 5/8″ x 5″ bottom flange
  • Web thickness: 7 GA thickness 
  • Inner beam depth: 24″
  • Rear deck height: 35″ drop deck
  • 49″ fifth wheel with hydraulic elevation adjustment
  • Air ride suspension- Hendrickson HT250
  • Axle type: Watson Chalin 25k Axle
  • 3 axles
  • Axle rating: 20,000# GVWR
  • Axle spacing 61″
  • Overhang 30″
  • Michelin 245/70R17.5 tires
  • Outer wheels 17.5 aluminum milled
  • Inner wheels 17.5 standard steel white 
  • Anti-lock braking system: Meritor 4S/2M
  • 4 point Hydraulic leveling system
  • Aluminum Stairs with Handrails
  • 5′ x 8′ x 78″ custom aluminum enclosure on neck of trailer providing storage for stairs during transport and other supplies, with 12V interior lights with battery and trickle charger (power from trailer)

Job #492Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI) Shielded Structures

Project Features

Clegg Industries, Inc. manufactured (7) EMI shielded structures in accordance with Intelligence Community Directive 705 (ICD 705) and Intelligence Community Standards 705 series (ICS 705), and IC Tech Spec for ICD/ICS 705.

Manufacturing to the above standards qualifies our client to submit these structures for accreditation as Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIFs).

These turnkey, containerized facilities come with all necessary power, lighting, cooling, heating, ventilation, physical security, and Electronic Security System (ESS) infrastructures. 
Areas of concern and special attention include physical security and hardening, acoustic controls, visual controls, access controls,  electronic and TEMPEST security. These structures also meet STC 50 sound attenuation with 100 dBA shielding.

Job #469Shipping Container Modification – Sheilded Enclosure

Project Features

Clegg Industries custom designed and modified two 20′ shipping containers for a client requiring a shielded enclosure. Overall features included rock wool insulation, heavy steel frame, heavy steel plated and acoustic fabric covered room,  all constructed inside a standard shipping container.

Features Include:

  • EMI / RFS sheilded &  sound transmission limiting exterior door
  • Specialized secured A/C venting
  • Mini-Split A/C system
  • Aluminum fold-up tables
  • Electrical raceway throughout upper and lower portions of walls
  • Sound suppression speakers installed throughout interior
  • EMI/ RFI Power Filter installed
  • Original exterior look of shipping container left intact for security purposes
  • Shore power & generator power capabilities
  • Secured utility room in rear of unit houses A/C and other electrical components
  • Meets ICD 705 and STC 50 sound attenuation, with 60 dBA shielding

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AirCon and Addons

Do your SCIF’s require a certain temperature? Do you need specific luxuries or addons? We can make it happen.

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Small, Medium, or Large, we’ve got you covered. Consider where you plan on using your SCIF and how you want it transported.

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